Guest Mix #5: Steve Lowenthal (Swingset Magazine)

I asked Steve to make me a killer solo-guitar mix, and he sent me my favorite + | + entry so far.

Tracklist (with notes from Steve)
"Drinking With Jack" by SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE -
live radio performance.

"A Geranium For Mano-a-Mano" by GLENN JONES -
Glenn comes into his own on the Barbecue Bob In Fishtown LP. Best guitar LP this year.

"La Playa" by CHRIS BROKAW -
Listened to this several hundreds of times. Brokaw has a unique style that's standing in no one's shadow.

"A Second Chance" by MATTHEW MULLANE -
From his forthcoming VDSQ Vol 4 LP. A new voice.

"Maime" by WOODEN SPOON -
UK acoustic player who's been overlooked. Hopefully he'll release more soon.

"You Smile When Trouble is Coming" by AARON ROSENBLUM -
From the minimal Son of Earth comes this rich acoustica.

"Shiawassee Flats" by SIR RICHARD BISHOP -
Love it when he plays straight.

"Spiral Wave" by CHEIKO MORI -
Koto player featured on Blackshaw's soli comp, standout track.

Heard this demo and decided that I had to work with him. Epic Americana.

"Knoxville Blues" by JACK ROSE -

And on a personal note, this request was inspired by Steve Lowenthal himself, but also the untimely passing of Jack Rose... so I dedicate this mix to his memory... RIP.